Stefano Stranges

What makes my work an emotion, it is not always linked to an important publication. It’s not tied to the ephemeral economic aspect. There is stronger enrichments: the magnificent human aspect

S. Stranges

When I was young I felt that photography was a bad stunt of reality. My knowledge of photography was limited to the postcard-images of my family and friends in beautiful locations around the world. Initially I was quite disturbed by these images, and I used to think that my memory of a place or an event was definitely brighter than a photo of the same.

When I was 21 were simple moments in which I instinctively framed situations with my hands. From that moment on I decided to have always with me a small analogue camera to capture the situations and objects that intrigued me. That was in 2001. Since then I decided to study the history of photography and to understand the works of famous photographers and photoreporters. In particular I was totally captured by the power of the poetry that Sebastiao Salgado could convey. I think that I can consider him as my mentor!

In January 2012 I attended a “Masterclass” of the renowned agency MAGNUM, participating in a workshop with ace photographer Alex Majoli.

My projects and my work starts with a social and sociological approach and are determined by the empathy between my subject and me, that’s why in my photography I try to sponsor my own artistic ideas while maintaining the original beauty or specific cultural aspect of the place and subject matter.

Over the last years I was invited to conduct several meetings on my photography projects, including a seminar at Pailan School of International Studies, Calcutta, january 2013 and a workshop/seminar for Slice of Art in Mumbai, august 2014.

In 2016 I started a project about the Coltan supply chain. Coltan is a mineral which is used in the production of various high tech devices, especially the production of smartphones. The first part of the reportage was focused on the mineral extraction in Nord Kivu (DR Congo) and was presented in the exhibition “The victims of our wealth”.


2015: The series “The two faces of rebellion-The Ukraine crisis 2014″ has been shortlisted for the Athens Photo festival 2015.

2016: Golden Orchid international photo contest “The plastic village – Bangladesh” third Prize – series

2016: SiFest Premio Pesaresi – Finalist project “The victims of our wealth” 2016

2017: IPOTY (International Photograher of the year) – Honorable Mention in Essay Photography/professional with the project “The victims of our wealth”

2017: Selected photographer for the “Festival dei diritti Umani 2017″

Main Exhibitions:
-2010 Cell 63 Art Gallery, Berlin – “Strange” – Solo.
-2014-2017 Galleria Weber & Weber, Turin. – Collection
-2016 Scuola Holden, Turin – “The victims of our wealth” – Solo
-2016 Alliance Francaise, main Center, Turin – “The victims of our wealth” – Solo
-2016 Ex Fornace Carotta, Padoa – “The victims of our wealth” – Solo
-2017 Urban Center, Rovereto – “The victims of our wealth” – Solo
-2017 QR Gallery, Bologna – “Life in Sodom and Gomorrah” – IT.A.CA Festival
-2017 Museo Piermaria Rossi, Berceto (Parma) – “The victims of our wealth” – Coscienza Festival